What's On Kuwait Fridays'.

12:19 AM

Being the last day of the weekend, expats and nationals alike have different way of spending it. Some might opt for sleeping the day away, watch t.v or go to the church for bible study.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kuwait have a church. Quite a number of it in fact. Catholic, evangelical, Iglesia and the likes.

But I'm going to talk about how I and the rest of our family spend our fridays.

There are days we stay home and watch movies after movies. When we are in the mood, we go out to the gym at Hilton or Crowne Plaza.

But most of the time we $hop.
Wether it's in Marina Mall to check out Virgin Records, Zara, H&M, Aldo and hang out in Le Note or Paul, there's also the Souk Sharq for major grocery shop and Debenhams, Al Kout and the new Mall near Rotana hotel. Centrepoint, TopShop, Vero Moda, Al Fanar and all the stores in Salmiya are great to check out if you don't mind the traffic. Once in awhile we also visit old souks where local products can be found.
Nothing is cheap in Kuwait but it doesn't stop us from jumping in the car and go to different placesTo shop some more until we dropped.Kuwait is a gulf country therefore locals and expats alike take advantage of the beach. Whether it's for sports.

Or for kids day out.That thing gives my 7 years old cousin Alfin John - qoute "heart attack" unqoute.

After a week of school children gets to swing around in mid air. Walking is a healthiest form of fun. And people in Kuwait loves to do just that. Because walking by the seashore gives us the highest form of relaxation.Burying your new shoes in the sand is also fun. hehe. And sneaking photo taking w/ the locals. Staring up in the sky and wondering what good luck will the dragon clouds bring.Enjoying the sunsent while taking a photo of oneself in almost all angles. And taking some more pictures of the shoes.Is lotsa lotsa fun.!.

If you are matampuhin like my cousin Kevin, then you can do thisSit near the shore and stare in the water hoping that somebody will take notice of your tantrums.Most locals opted for picnic. If the agenda is to drive along the Gulf road, families and friends alike can be found grilling for their picnic by the sea side.Those are the regular things we usually do and go for.

That is how we spend the last day of the week.

Relaxed. Laid back. Fun.

That's what Kuwait offers on a Friday.

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