On being Sick, Break Up and Corporate Award

2:47 PM

After a week of enduring this backstabbing numbing pain, without much fuss and complain from me mind you, my mother finally decided to call and told me - no - ordered me to take a sick leave from work, go home and I shall be taken to the hospital later tonight. Yikes!.

My coordinator has been kind to offer since last week that I can go anytime I want to and rest. I didn't take on the offer because I don't want to have a record besides if I can still take the pain and the humiliation of running to the loo every 15 minutes then I'll bear it. Finding somebody else seating on my desk by the time I get back from recuperation is scary as hell.

I am now a firm believer of the saying "biruin na ang lasing wag lang ang bagong gising." Biruin - awayin no difference, same outcome. I am sad that it happened the way it did.

This too shall pass.

On a lighter note, as the project manager passed by my table he said:

PM: "Oh by the way, congratulations on the bronze award."
Me: Look of bewilderment and wtf are you talking about then - "Excuse me?"
PM: "You got the corporate bronze award, I am going out to arrange for a camera because I'll be handing it to you once the driver delivers it this morning."
AC: "Golly, we have a celebrity in our midst."
Me: "Uhm, thank you." - Silly grin - Ever the vain me was thinking all this time - f*** photo ops happens on your most dress down days.

Here is what they call the award as copied from the company newsletter:
I have no idea what it means but I know it signifies that my hard work for the past 18 months didn't go unnoticed. Cheers to the people in my old project who nominated me.
I should start planning my outfit for the corporate day this 15th of the month. We'll be celebrating it here:


Parked at the Radisson SAS Hotel and Marine Museum. I've always passed by it because mom's old job at the Palms Hotel makes them neighbor to this one eyed wonder.

Something to look forward to. :)

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