Odin bless himself.

6:29 PM

I've decided to delete my earlier post. It's not only depressing it's also self depreciating. And we don't really want to read all about those do we?!

Now on the perkier side.

I'm celebrating Valentines day by wearing a red sweater and greeting Lui. No, there's no snapshot of me this time because I still want to go on living w/ my pride intact knowing that people hasn't seen how fat I've become.

Job is doing great complete w/ corporate fangs and overly sensitive newbie bosses.

Lui and I are trying to work it out. Again. Which is really helluva fun.

Tomorrow is corporate day. I should really move my ass to the salon. I look like Mike, that green monkey in Monster Inc., nowadays.

I'm planning to enrol for an online course. I'd probably do it by April. I have to finish something. Somehow.

A family friend got fired on the spot by her boss, which is really illegal especially when there's no ground except that the boss wife is extremely jealous of her and his getting tired of it. We feel really sorry for her that my aunt decided to give her shelter for the time being until she recoup.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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