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Being sick sucks.
I've never been sick in all my life until I came here to Kuwait.
I can still remember fervently hoping to be sick during school days.
But now that I am obliged to pay for my medical bills, I am returning to natural medicine
and the powerful power of water.

Before I confuse you of my ramblings this is what I currently have for the past week:
(WARNING: Explicit content may gross you out! EXTREMELY.)
Symptoms for kidney infection
Symptoms of a kidney infection. Left untreated, they can cause blood poisoning, loss of a kidney, or perhaps even death (GOD FORBID. PLEASE!).

Kidney infections are dangerous. Left untreated, they can cause blood poisoning, loss of a kidney, or perhaps even death. Unless you regularly suffer from kidney infections, most people don't recognize the symptoms or think the symptoms are another disease.
Here are some warning signs of a kidney infection:
-- burning during urination. This is also a good sign of a UTI (and untreated Urinary Tract Infections can lead to kidney infections). Don't confuse the burning with the itching/burning of a yeast infection. This burning is painful and will sometimes bring tears to your eyes. (IT JUST DOESN'T BRING TEARS, IT WILL MAKE YOU BAWL LIKE A BABY. I KNOW I DID. UH. STILL AM.)
-- a pain in the lower back, right around the waist. It could feel like a dull ache. It could be a sharp stabbing pain. It could feel like someone punching you repeatedly. Any pain concentrated to that small corner of the lower back could indicate kidney trouble. (AND THIS IS WHEN I ADMITTED TO MYSELF THAT I AM FREAKING DEAD. RIGHT THERE.! I'VE BEEN HAVING THE PAIN IN THE LOWER BACK FOR MONTHS NOW. INITIALLY WE THOUGHT BECAUSE OF OUR BONE PROBLEM, THAT SPINE CAN'T HOLD MY WEIGHT. I'D RATHER BE LABELED AS OBESE THAN HAVE THIS DISEASE.)
-- fatigue. For people who get frequent kidney infections, the number one sign is the fatigue, which can hit suddenly. You'll be fine, no other symptoms to speak of, then, boom, you are so exhausted that it becomes a struggle to keep your eyes open. It takes every bit of energy you can muster to keep from slumping in your chair. (EXAMPLE: I ALWAYS SLEEP IN THE CAR TO AND FROM WORK, I SLEEP ON MEETINGS, I SLEEP WHILE STARING AT THE MONITOR, I SLEEP WHILE LISTENING TO MY BOSS, I SLEEP WHEN I'M IN THE LOO, I SLEEP ANYTIME ANYWHERE. I ALWAYS COVET FOR MY BED, ANY SOFT AND WARM ENOUGH CORNER.)
-- fever. Usually a low-grade fever goes along with a kidney infection in the early stages. If the infection goes untreated, the fever will rise. (GOT THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. GOT THIS LAST WEEK. GOT THIS THE OTHER DAY. STILL WAITING FOR THE INEVITABLE OF THIS THING SOMETIME TODAY OR TOMORROW.)
If you have any of these symptoms, call the doctor immediately. Doctors don't fool around with possible kidney infection. (NOBODY TRUST THE DOCTORS HERE, WHETHER PUBLIC OR PRIVATE AND THAT DOESN'T EVEN BECAUSE OF HOW RIDICULOUS THEY CHARGE A CHECK UP.) Ask to speak to a nurse about your symptoms, and the nurse because the nurse will probably arrange for you to be seen as soon as possible.
If you do have a kidney infection, the doctor will most likely prescribe a sulfa drug, which is most effective. However, a good number of people develop allergies to sulfa drugs (even if you've been using them for years). If you develop hives or other side effects, call your doctor immediately! For those allergic to sulfa drugs, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. There are also some new drugs on the market to help prevent UTIs in people who are prone to them.
How can you prevent a kidney infection? Many recommend drinking cranberry juice regularly (I HATE I HATE BUT OH OK I WILL). Ask the doctor for a definitive opinion on that. But all doctors will recommend lots and lots of liquids daily. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is a must. (I SWEAR ON THE LIFE SPAN OF MY NEW BAG THAT I'LL DRINK 8 500 ml OF BOTTLED WATER EVERYDAY. FROM NOW ON. PROMISE)
If you should end up with a kidney infection, remember that, no matter how you feel, you are seriously ill. As several nurses and doctors have said, "This is not something to fool around with." Take the time to rest and drink lots of liquids. Also, don't expect to recover within a day or two. Even the most mild kidney infection takes about two weeks for a full recovery. A severe infection takes months. Allow your body to recover fully before resuming strenuous activities.

(OH SHIT.!.)

Wondering what took me so long to realize I am sick?

Because after a days` dose worth of this stuff didn't make me feel better.

And I thought a goodnight hug tops w/ white chocos can cure/solve anything.

Archie's gang and Charlotte's web only amused me for hours but never really made me forget the throbbing pain.

A good bargain of 9 west bag gave me a temporary satisfaction.

Not to mention this..

Uber cute Oasis little bag that I got to have. I passed by the store half a dozen times before giving up w/ lust.


Oh please, I swear i'll do anything short of getting butt shots just to get this horrific malady off me.

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