Kuwait National Day

6:57 PM

The Kuwait National day is celebrated every 25th of February.

Not every expats know that it has nothing to do w/ gaining independence from the Brits on 1961.

On February 25, 1961, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah became the crowned ruler of Kuwait.
He was the most loved and respected ruler because he made and implemented the constitution as well as paved way for Kuwait independence.

Forty something years later, this is how they celebrate their national day on the streets.

Before hitting the road, they goes to the store to arm themselves w/ this foam sprays.

And for some, they add San Miguel Beer on their picnic baskets. Non Alcoholic of course.
They wait on unsuspecting cars who's either stupid enough to forgetno idea or just unlucky enough to brave the street traffic.

Having a Kuwait flag flapping in your car windows won't help you being spared from those white foamy sprays.
From these very energetic and fun loving chaps of this nation.
It doesn't matter if you put your wiper up, because they're very kind enough to put it back in, and spray your windshields and mirrors for the sake of having fun.

I had a good laugh over it.

I was one of those idiots who said to hell w/ traffic because I really want to go shop. The photos are all taken on the way back to the house, despite our best efforts to avoid gulf road, there is no getting away w/ these foamy sprays.

They will run after you. Chase you down the road. They will even open your door, because having white foams sprayed on your car interior is even funnier than the outside. And funniest if they get to spray it in your face. Which really does happen, as told by friends and the radio.

What is the purpose of those sprays anyway? Does it help them remember the greatness of their Aemir? Does it in some way shows their culture? Am I missing something?

I know that like any other holidays, people are there to have fun. To spend it w/ family and friends. To relax.

But can't they do it w/o spraying foam on some poor child's eye?

The authorities should really ban those sprays from the market. Just like banning firecrackers in the Philippines. But of course more rigid than the latter.

They should have more cultural program. More shows. More contests. More -i-don't-know-but-give-us-anything-than-sprays-please kind of events.

Foam spraying on national day might be fun. But just like the used up canister, the whole thing is empty. EMPTY.

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