In Lieu To Working

4:47 PM

I blog. And it's not easy. My head is throbbing for 5 hours of non stop monitor staring. Times like this I wish I smoke. Any excuse to stand up and go out.

3 hours is the only thing between me and the 5 days holiday. One of the reasons why I love living in Kuwait. The Public Holidays!. In between January to March and then again August to December. May to September is summer vacation. On November. Well, they always find something on November.

    New Year.
    Eid Al Adha.
    Hijra New Year.
    Kuwait National Day.*
    Kuwait Liberation Day.*
    Prophet's Birthday.
    Isra And Miraj
    Eid Al Fitr
    Eid Al Fitr
    Eid Al Fitr
    Arafat Day
    Eid Al Adha
    Eid Al Adha
    Eid Al Adha

***By parliament law, any sandwiched working days will also be considered a public holiday. E.g. - Thursday and Friday are weekends (a), Saturday is a working day (b), Sunday and Monday is a public holiday (c), therefore Saturday (a) will also a public holiday.

Isn't Kuwait the greatest?! :) If only this place has something more to offer than the usual malls, gulf roads, trendy restaurants, and hotels. Those places are fabulous but a bore in the long run. Something more. Something new. Something exciting than civil ID checking and car crashes down the road. Please.

That being said, my itinerary for the holiday is Nilch. As in Zero. And it makes my head reel.

Tonight, the kids and I are going to the city for a mass. Tomorrow we will play tennis. And after that, there's nothing. Nothing. It's sad. Very sad.

1. I want to buy a good book. And devour it in the comfort of my own bed w/o disturbance.
2. I want to drink red horse stallion. I don't care if I drink it alone.
3. I want to be able to describe myself. For the about me columns in all my accounts.
4. I want to fit in all my clothes. Comfortably.
5. I want to submit loads of mirror projects if only to ease my boredom.
6. I want to take the license test.
7. I want to have a credit card. This is self explanatory.
8. I want to be eligible to franchise and take it here in Q8. Bayo.Kamiseta.Schu.
9. I want to go home and sleep. The whole 5 days.
10. I want to learn and speak the smart ass way.
11. I want to be more eloquent.
12. I want to finally decide on my vacation plans.
13. Because I want to enrol on EFL intensive training course. Cebu or Phuket.
14. I want to enrol online. For any diploma courses. I don't really care.
15. I just want to study. To do something. Anything.
16. I want to go home to Pinas and spend time w/ Lui. Alone or w/ friends.
17. I want to save money. Scratch that. I need to save money.
18. I want to be more apt. More aggressive. More sensical.
19. I want to be able to enjoy. Without reserve. Without the usual cold shrug.
20. I want to be friendly. Really.
21. I want to talk to my friends.
22. I want to be able to coach tita Maritess out of her woes.
23. I want to find my passion in life.
25. I want to be passionate in something.

/Yey to ma for finally having her drivers license after 3 years of application.
/Yey to me for surviving another week.
/Yey to my brother who's in camping right now.
/Yey to my other brother who is again a DL in Ateneo.
/Yey to my sister who is trying to be a good girl.
/Yey to my cousin Ram who recovered from his sickness.
/Yey to all the people who has the heart to go on no matter how many times they are tested.
/Yey to my students for passing another grade level.
/Yey to everyone who finds happiness in anything.

YEY! YEY! YEY! uhmp.

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