I Went Around Kuwait City

3:34 AM

Despite my earlier ramblings about not having plans for the holidays. The plans manifested themselves in the form of 7 to 12 years old unruly kids.

Before we knew that yesterday was Ash Wednesday, we've already decided to go to church.

On the way, Kenneth asked "Ate, what do you do inside the church?", the others laughed at him and I have to confess that out of surprise I chuckled a bit too. And then I realize he was dead serious. Shushing the others, I tried to grasp the simplest explanation I could think of with the mass ritual so that an 8 year old could understand the context of catholicism.

Thankfully, years in Dominican and Jesuit schools paid off because he seemed to be contented not to mention interested w/ my meager words.

On the way, there was alien invasion.

It was the kite flying contest. One of the hundred programs Kuwait has lined up for this coming days.
We stopped for awhile and looked up the sky in awe.
I admire the people of Kuwait for their patriotism because months before the actual commemoration of their Liberation and National day, these are already visible everywhere.
By land.
Or by air.And anywhere in between.
Before I go off to dreamland, I have one more thing to bragblog about.
My new Puma shoes.
That Kenneth has chosen for me. As shown in the photo.
This serves as one of the first monthly reward to myself. HA!.
Who am I kidding.

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