I have yet to blog about my frantic Thursday.

2:22 AM

My day started at 6 a.m rousing the children for a supposedly oatmeal and cereals breakfast. It turned out they wanted it to be a very special morning so they opted for a can of sardines and sausage.
Food being out of the way, we went to this magical hidden place of Fahaheel.

Oh my God! *Jaw Dropped to the floor* He just won 1 million pesos! teehee. Sorry this wasn't part of my Thursday, just awhile ago, a contestant in Wowowee - w/c I was able to watch thanks to the joys of TFC - said that when last Wednesday he went to church and said that whatever clothing was covering the cross, that's the "bayong" color he will choose. A hundred thousand pesos later, he stood firm on the bayong. Such firm faith. Unwavering belief. He won the money. Seeing that he did gave me happiness. Thank you Lord.

Anyway, back to the story.
Whoever said Kuwait is nothing but a desert is deadpan wrong.

Kuwait may be flat due to the absence of hills not even sand dunes but it has it's own charm. Like the buildings that sprouts like mushrooms. And the flowers. Look at those beautiful beautiful flowers. Never mind the fact that the government pays millions to have them planted and replanted every season of every year. Everywhere.

Our initial plan is to try our muscles for some tennis and cricket game. All my life I make it a point to avoid any ball related sports, or any sports for that matter, but this time I figured I should at least try to wet my hands to anything I could think of while I am young. And it was tennis this week. I'm still confused between roller skates or karate for my next mini adrenaline thrill.

I haven't been in NY but I absolutely think this looks like a spot in Central Park.
The park's view enthralled me. I love the yellow wild flowers so much that I vehemently forbidden my mom to uproot it from our garden.

If soring your arms from a lot of pick-your-tennis-balls-you-sissy is not enough to make your day, try finding a good buy of strawberries. While walking around the park, we saw this small door to the harbor. What surprises us is that it only does not lead to the water but it also led us to the "Bakalas" or small wholesale stores. They were freshly delivered. So fresh that we saw it being unloaded from the delivery truck.
The photo shown above is one of the main reason why I don't eat lamb. It's disgusting. It's horrible. It's inhumane. We went to the City Centre for some major shopping. In preparation for weeks of being left alone by the oldies next month.
So, while we shopaholics shop, my cousins contented themselves w/ their PSP's while riding the "arabana".

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