Hearts, Corporate and Birthdays

4:46 PM

Corporate day thursday was uhm. Something new.

New place to see/go to.

A boat slash restaurant slash tourist spot.
In the first and new entry of Kuwait. The Al Hashemi II for the Guiness world of records
I wish I could be in the Guiness. Any category would do.
The big boss playing the weakest link.
Boats won't be called boats w/o the fish.
And insane flower decorated watermelon.
Boat view from the diwaniya.
The gold Al Motamyzoun Award. Next year. I'll get it.
Corporate day, meeting and getting rides from strangers exhaust the heck out of me that I did not have the energy left for the birthday party.
All I was able to do was wrap my gift for Tita Maritess out of the old flower bouquet wrapper.

And I think I did a fabulous job.
Because she loved it. Really loved it.

Taking that picture is the last thing I did before passing out infront of cartoon network show w/ a bunch of kids at the second floor.

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