This be Me.

10:58 PM

I am not really good in introducing or describing myself, but since this is a new blog, I am going to make an effort. I realize that to learn to attain and bridge gaps I have to make extra efforts to everything. My nary a care attitude just isn't working anymore. Even to me.

I am a kid. I don't think i'll ever grow up in a way standardize by the society. In 1 form or another I am an adult, my age and all external facets can attest to that, but my heart speaks of toys and cartoons, it longs for dances on rainy days, for stuffed toys (especially my stuffed monkey) and cutie cutsy little pillows and blingblings, of romantic books and little girls classics, of satin red shoes and warner bros. shirts, of butterflies and archie comics, of wind kissing my face, and getting drenched by sea mists, all those etc. and all glittery stuffs! I dream of carefree days where I laugh my hearts w/o fear of jinxs, I dream of tears that dries out when lollipop appears, I wished for falling stars and beautiful sunday mornings by the beach.

I am a kid. My mom, my partner, friends and the rest of the family can attest to that. I will never grow old in my heart. My transition in life went backwards, I grew old too soon to enjoy my childhood, now I'm old enough to be and act like a child.

My attitude towards life might not be the best, but it suits me. I like it. No. I love it.

So when and if you see me in the streets, don't get offended if I snubbed you, coz I was raised not to talk to strangers. I have a hard time warming up to people much more start a conversation. I am sociable to a point. I'd rather write than talk. I was told i'm wise for my age, but I also know talking gets me in trouble. I'm somewhat of a recluse really. I am done w/ crazy night lifes, i'd rather stay in my room and read or watch movies, better yet i'd rather play w/ my cousins. Coz if you get me starting, you'll get tired of me, coz I am a party animal who doesn't dance.

I love shopping. Who doesn't right? But I remember the old days thinking it's been months since I had something new, now that I can finally have everything I want, I splurge and count my change.

I have finally accepted my teenage stupidity, and I don't ever want to be a teenager again. If I can bring back the times, i'd rather be the adorable 6 to 8 years old. They are the best days. I am not regressing mind you, I just love the innocence it represents.

So there, you know the inner me. Facts are irrelevant, they constantly change and even be stolen. What's inside is more important, and in my opinion, worth knowing.

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