Mystery of the Blog

7:08 PM

Blogger is not new to me, I have been blogging here before and believe it or not I got friends who are linked there. Unfortunately for that blog, not only did I forgot my username I also forgot my password.

Friendster blog is too public for my taste. It is only good for raving about things you want to boast w/ the public.
Downelink is just that. For downelinkers.
Multiply for me is great only for posting photos. I never liked the way the blog and other features that was set up there. But then of course I never liked anything too technical. Even if it only seems so.

Then there's Xanga. I love xanga because we've been together more than blogger and also because I know how to handle the design templates there - which is my primary issue w/ blogger. Xanga was w/ me for 2 and a half girlfriends and gazillion crushes plus uncountable heartaches. I refuse to leave Xanga.

But I craved for a change and anonymity....

One day, blogger called my inner senses and here I am again. This serves as my not so public sanctuary. The sole purpose of this blog is for me to rant whatever happens in my day to day and whatever comes to mind. It's absolutely therapeutic and de-stressing.
Not so public because unlike Pam pastors blog, this is not a Google away. There's one in a million chance my friends/family and partner will stumble into this. But if ever, this message is applicable forever:

Babe, please know that this blog is not made to spite you.
This was developed because of my basic malevolence personality.
I hold the right to have a disclaimer,
that means I cannot be held accountable for
whatever FAQS and emotional outbursts
that may or not relate to you
but you deem enough of a reason for a fight.
A disclaimer that I can make up as the opportunity
rise into occasion.
In short, you have nothing to do w/ this
even though your name will be mentioned
gazillion times.
My blog is mine and mine alone,
you of course is allowed to read and comment to your hearts content.
***Message is applicable to all family-friends-foes and snoops alike. :)

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